Walking / Sightseeing Tour Lake Ilopango

Zona Paracentral

The viewpoints of each of the municipalities will allow you to appreciate and photograph breathtaking views of the territories bordering these places. The customs and traditions are also part of the major attractions of this circuit that will allow you to enjoy your own dances, among them, the Dance of the Moors and Christians.


Tour by Casco Urbano de Santiago Texacuangos
Visita a Plaza Pública de Santiago Texacuangos
Tour of Casco Urbano de San Francisco Chinameca
Natural Viewpoint Conception of Lourdes
Tour by Casco Urbano de Paraíso de Osorio


Poza Verde Beach
Lake of ilopangoo
Birth of Water The Common


Santiago Texacuangos
Paraíso de Osorio
San Emigdio
San Francisco Chinameca
San Juan Tepezontes
San Miguel Tepezontes