The Wealth of Nonualcos

Zona Paracentral

For lovers of indigenous history, the circuit The Wealth of Nonualcos is the ideal option to learn about the indigenous rebellion that was led by Anastasio Aquino. These Indigenous peoples Nonualco, Mayances or Mayan-Quiche offer tours throughout history.


Visit to the House of Culture of Zacatecoluca
Tour in the Historic Center of Zacatecoluca
Visit to the Municipal Sports Center of San Rafael Obrajuelo
Visit to Anastacio Aquino Tourist Plaza
Mural of the battle of Anastasio Aquino
Accommodation in agrotouristic farms
Visit to the municipal viewpoint of San Pedro Nonualco
Visit to Santa María Ostuma tourist lookout


Visit to the Atrium of the Church of San Rafael Arcángel
Visit to Campanario
Visit to Church of St. Peter the Apostle
Visit to the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria


San Juan Nonualco
San Pedro Nonualco
San Rafael Obrajuelo
Santa María Ostuma
Santiago Nonualco